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Muhammad Hasanyn & Fatemah – Wedding Invitation

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An online wedding, a bride and groom in two different countries, and a lot more contingencies, but they made it happen! This wedding card was a lot more than just the design - it was all best wishes to a very near and dear friend!

Fatemah was an excellent client with a simple wish for a contemporary look and a creative flow!

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    Toronto, Ontario

Client Testimonial

Muhammad Hasanayn & Fatemah
Muhammad Hasanayn & Fatemah
Groom & Bride

When we finalised our wedding date we knew without a doubt that anything design-related had to be done by Rumina! Marriage planning is always challenging and designing an elegant wedding invitation is often a laborious and time-consuming process. Rumina provided us with the seamless high-quality service only a graphic designer can provide and instantly implemented our stylistic and wording preferences. Not only did she bring our vision to life she helped enhance it into something amazing! We could not have asked for a better wedding card designer! Thank you Rumina!

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