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About Me

Welcome to my resume and portfolio!

My name is Rumina Hashmani and I am an experienced graphic and web artist with over 12 years of experience.

In addition to freelance work which I began whilst still in high school, I have worked with design companies in London, England and in Toronto, Canada.

My interest and passion for design began at a very early age when I attended an IT magnet school in Orlando, Florida. I would also spend hours outside of school learning about different software and constantly challenging myself to create a visually appealing piece. I would do voluntary design for friends and for the community centre, to build my experience.

Today, my works stem from research of contemporary ideas and designs and detailed conversations with my clients to ensure that I capture what they are looking for. My goal is not to meet their expectations, but to exceed them!

I am a social and proactive person with great organizational and communication skills. I take well to multitasking, adapting to new skills and ensuring that no task is left unfinished.

While I enjoy working in solitude, I am also a team player and can work really well with others.

When I am not at my desk designing a digital masterpiece, I might be crafting, doodling, painting a canvas, or even doing something creatively different like preparing a new meal! There’s never a moment of not knowing what to do next!

Enjoy browsing through my resume and portfolio and reach out to me@ruminahashmani.com if you have any questions!

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