‘Days like Today’

Everybody has ‘one of those days’. Today was mine.

If I miss the 8:07am bus to work, it affects my whole daily schedule! I tend to then miss my second bus as I’m late, and then I walk into work later than I’m supposed to. There’s no telling how late! So when I woke up this morning and saw my phone clock say 8:05am, I knew I was definitely going to have one of those days.

What’s tougher is to try putting a positive spin on what I knew would be a day going south! But trust me, perspective rules the day! When I began to look for the granules of positive in everything that was happening today, I found that there was more worth to my day than I gave credit for.

It is around 10:30pm and the day has been pretty awesome. So though this post is short, it’s just a reminder to me and all of you reading out there that our perspective on life can change how we live our lives.  Be positive! When we choose to be positive God also sees our efforts and we see more doors of opportunity open in front of us.

Iltimaase Dua x

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