Day 4 in Makkah – Wed. 7th Sept, 2016

Alhamdulillah we were blessed today with another opportunity to perform a Mustahab Tawaf. Today we gifted this Tawaf to the Imam of our time, his 4 key representatives, and the Maraja’e today and over time.


We left the hotel at 2:00am and managed to finish the Tawaf and the Salat of Tawaf within 40 minutes. There wasn’t much crowd and Makkah still seemed relatively empty. With so much time to spare, we sat with the Holy Ka’ba in plain sight and recited Du’a-e-Jawshan Kabeer. It was so peaceful, and nobody asked us to move as there was still quite a bit of time until Salah. As people were less, we had a clear view of the Holy Ka’ba, the whole time.


After Fajr Salah, we went to Zam Zam Towers. Asif and I were both tempted to get some Donuts, so we went to the House of Donuts and got ourselves some delicious original glazed donuts and brought back enough for the rest of the group at breakfast too! It was enjoyed by everyone who got there early enough for a piece 🙂 We rested after breakfast and woke up in time for Dhuhr prayers and prayed in the lounge. Shortly after Dhuhr we had a lecture by Abbas Mama and Akil Mama on the next 3 Wajibat (Arqan) for Eid Day.



That afternoon, we didn’t have anything specific planned, so I spent a little time with other Hujjaj in the lounge. Just a little before Maghrib, Asif and my uncle met my aunt and I in the lobby and we went to the Mini Market – Souk to get a few ideas for gifts for our friends and family. About half an hour before Maghribain, we made our way to the rooftop of the Haram.

After Maghribain prayers, we met Asif’s brother, and made our way back to our hotel, where he joined us for the lecture and dinner. We were supposed to have a speaker from one of the other groups delivering a lecture, but he got delayed in traffic from Azizia, a hotel that was further away, and so Abbas Mama gave a short lecture instead.

After dinner, a few of us made our way to the Mini Market – Souk to pick up a few gifts (with our husbands of course!). We’ve just gotten back to the hotel and it is 12:30am! Time to catch a few hours of sleep!

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