Day 3 in Makkah – Tues. 6th Sept, 2016

It has now been 3 days since we arrived in Makkah, and the spiritual high still cannot be explained! Asif and I coordinated to wake up at 1:30am today and make our way to the Haram so that we could perform a Mustahab Tawaf prior to Fajr. We met downstairs, both recharged on the few hours of sleep we managed.


The crowd was not so intense Alhamdulillah, and we completed the Tawaf in 35 minutes, with great help from Allah! I could stare at the Ka’ba for hours and keep going, but time would not last long on my side. The experience and the emotions could just not be put into words.


This morning, our Niyyah for the Tawaf was for all those who had asked that we pray for them, for those whom we may have wronged, for our parents, and for us to have a righteous progeny. Prior to this trip, we had made a list of who we would dedicate the Mustahab Tawaf to, depending on how many we manage to do whilst in Makkah.


Adding to the awe, we managed to pray 2 Rak’at inside of Hijr-e-Isma’il though it was completely packed in that small area. We also got to touch the wall of the Ka’ba and Rukn-e-Yamani. All of this was a wonderful feeling, and one I hope resides in my heart forever.


We had half an hour left before Fajr Salah so we decided to make our way upstairs to the rooftop. Unfortunately, the guards had already started barricading entrances and exits, and after walking around a little, we found space to pray right in front of the Mountain of Safa.


After Fajr, we decided to make our way to ZamZam Towers to see if we could find some donuts. It seems we clearly missed the instructions, and couldn’t find Krispy Kreme! Honestly, I was so tired that Asif suggested we head back to the hotel and try again tomorrow morning. I quickly ate breakfast at the hotel and jumped under the covers before anybody could mention going anywhere. I really needed the sleep.

At 12pm, I prepared for Dhuhr Salah and then attended the first of 3 sessions that were prepared by Abbas Mama and Akil Mama in Makkah, on the Wajib acts of Hajj-e-Tamattu. We discussed the first 3 Wajibat which were Ihram, Wuquf in Arafat, and Wuquf in Muzdalifah. Listening to the two speakers go into great detail gave me butterflies. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Hajj!


After the session and lunch, I rested for a while. Asif and I met in the evening to go to the Haram for Maghribain prayers. After praying, we got as close as we could to the railings of the rooftop, looking at the Ka’ba, we recited Du’a-e-Tawassul in soft whispers. It was an amazing experience to be so close and conversing with Allah (SWT).


We made our way back to the hotel in good time as Dr. Kamaal Sheriff, a speaker from another group, was giving the lecture tonight. Routine was on our side as we ate dinner at an efficient speed and have now made our way back to our respective rooms to get as much as sleep and rest as we can before meeting again at 2am to perform another mustahab Tawaf, God-willing.

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