Day 2 in Makkah – Mon. 5th Sept, 2016

Having completed our Umrah-e-Tamattu, the next few days in Makkah were for us to make the most of and schedule as we wish. We were only required to be at our group lectures that would prepare us for the upcoming Hajj, and so our routine, the one Asif and I had kind of unintentionally accustomed to, was going to be quite the same until Friday.


I woke up around 3:30am as we had planned to meet for 4am in the lobby and head to the Haram prior to Fajr prayers. Today, we decided to go all the way to the rooftop. The crowds were still not as much as people were still arriving in Makkah, and so we had a good chance of watching the Tawaf from above. We sat a while, prayed Fajr, and then made our way to the railings to see how beautiful the view of the Holy Ka’ba was from the top.



As more people arrived, we made our way out of the Haram and went back to the hotel. In the afternoon, we didn’t go to the Haram for Dhuhrain prayers as both of us were feeling under the weather, with the intense heat! There were many who didn’t dare to venture out in the scorching heat in the afternoons and prayed in the common lounge. In order to keep well and not overdo it, we decided we would do that too.


The afternoon lecture today was by Abbas Mama on the importance of Makkah and the benefits of being in the city. Habib uncle then ran through logistical details, followed by lunch. After lunch, we took time to rest.


At around 5pm, I met Asif again in the lobby and we went back to the rooftop of the Haram. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to recite Du’a-e-Mujeer whilst looking at the Holy Ka’ba. I can’t really describe the feeling but it was so peaceful. No worries of the world or life back home would come into your mind, and you were solely focused on where you were at that moment. We prayed Maghribain prayers and made our way out of the Haram. Each time we had to leave the Haram, we felt like we wanted to stay a little longer. We were never really ready to leave, and after that first day we didn’t really ask each other ‘are you ready?’ Asif would always say ‘you can’t really be ready to leave here, can you?’ and so reluctantly one of us would say ‘we should head back now…’


We stopped by a mini market place on the way back just to see what was situated around the Haram. It looked like a nice place to maybe get a few souvenirs for family back home. We didn’t want to spend too much time shopping, so we decided to allocate two hours maximum in the remainder of our trip to get a few gifts. Our timing was good, as the adhan for Eisha began, all shops began to close and we headed back to the hotel. It was strange to us to see that people had ‘Wi-fi’ connection in their prayer and were praying Jama’at with those in the Haram. In the middle of the streets, you’d see clusters of people who were following along with the Imam.



We got back to the hotel in time to hear a little of the lecture that was being given by Shaykh Haider Shirazi, and then had dinner. I decided on an early night, and by 11pm, I was deep in sleep! Tomorrow was a new day….

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