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As a graphic and web designer, a blogger, a thinker, and someone quite ambitious to try new things, I finally found a place to put it all, and create myself a web presence! There’s not much to say except that you may see all kinds of things here. My passion for writing my thoughts and putting together poetry began when I was around 12 years old and living in Orlando. I could sit and admire the formation of the clouds for hours, or listen to the waves hitting against the shore at the beach, or just stare at green grass and wonder how all of it was just so perfect. Slowly, appreciative thoughts turned into words of poetry and writings, and I felt a sense of being able to express myself.

Years later, I can still get caught up in admiring a sunset or watching the falls in the dead of winter; when I’m probably the only one out there. And with time, and experience, I’ve observed and thought about more than just sunsets and clear blue waters. Some of it made it onto my blog; some of it was best kept wondering in my mind.

Alhamdulillah, I am married to an amazing individual, my soul-mate and my best friend. We recently we moved to Canada from London, England. I’ve continued with my web and graphic designing, and work for a digital agency. The writings are more sporadic, but there are a lot of unpublished drafts with jumbled thoughts; that I hope will make sense someday.

In addition to all that, I’m working on ‘Reaching Heaven’ – quite literally! A recent concept emerged of bringing my design talents and aspirations together to create motivational wallet cards, e-greetings, and desk calendars to remind all of us aiming to please the Creator that we are not alone in this journey, and we are here to help each other. Insh’Allah as these ideas come to fruition, I’ll be sharing them here too.

And of course, life has it’s own twists and turns, and we all have passing phases of things we like to do. Well, right now I’m in the baking/cooking/masterchef phase. Hopefully I’ll share that with you too 🙂

Feel free to provide feedback and comment on anything you see here…

In the meantime, I shall keep working, writing, and leaving my footprints on this wonderful earth, in hope that I can achieve nearness to Him and gain acceptance for my actions.

Rumina Hashmani